The Cradle: To Rock or Not To Rock? by Ebele Chizea

The Cradle: To Rock or Not To Rock?

by Ebele Chizea

Published on Mon, Apr 20 2009 by Ebele Chizea
Thanks to Hollywood actress Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s marriage despite their 15 year age difference(she was 42 and he was 27 when they got married), more women are open to dating younger men. It has in fact, become a trend, a fad-something that many women are unabashedly willing to admit these days. It is typical for older men to date younger women because it is generally concluded that women mature faster than men. Also, an older man is more likely to have financial security or a certain prestige that many women find appealing.

So why is the reverse occuring? Well, for one, dating younger men creates more options for a lot of women who sincerely believe that there is a shortage of eligible men these days. And when women observe their fellow “sisters” successfully engage in such relationships, they figure, “hey, why not give it a try?”

I was one of those people who swore that I would never go with this trend until I met someone a few years ago. We became fast friends, our conversation flowed. He was extremely intelligent and philosophical. It wasn’t until a few months later that I discovered he was three years younger than I was. At that point, it was already too late-I had fallen-hard.

Though the relationship was fulfilling, we eventually decided to end the romantic aspect of it and maintain our friendship. He was still in college, and I had graduated a few years prior. In my mind, it didn’t feel right for me to engage in a serious relationship with someone who I felt still needed to live a little. For years, I told only a few friends about this until another friend recently revealed to me that she is in love with a guy and things are going well. She’s 35 and he’s 26.

Based on my experience and personal observations, here are the pros and cons of dating younger men.

1, Because molding that inexperienced beau of yours into anything you want is a fantasy for a control freak like you.
2,Because that younger man who is so grateful to get the attention of an older fox such as yourself is willing to do anything to make you happy.
3,Because that young blood energy is contagious—bringing you back to when you were about that age; the good, carefree days.
4,So that you can say, ”been there, done that.”

1, Risk being called a "Sugar Mommy" or "Cradle Rocker"
2,His idea of the good ol’ days for you isn’t quite so good or old either
3,People asking if you are his older sister or mum (oops!)
4, Because you are trying to get married and well, he's not planning to "put a ring on it" anytime soon.

Of course, these are just rules and like all rules, they can and should be broken from time to time. As the Beatles tune goes: “All you need is love,” so love on, cos age aint nothing but a number anyway…;)

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