Real Horror Video Shot in Zimbabwe’s Prison By Adeola Oladele

Real Horror Video Shot in Zimbabwe’s Prison

By Adeola Oladele

Published on Wed, Apr 15 2009 by Adeola Oladele
25 men share a room made for four people. 150 men get half a toilet paper to clean themselves every month. They all share toilets that have been broken for years. And approximately, 20 men die everyday from starvation and various transmittable diseases in 55 of these institutions across Zimbabwe. The situation in the country’s prisons is best described in this article.? I encourage you to read it to the end.

If you don’t get grossed out easily, watch this:

Since the video was shot by SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation), several prisoners have died. It’s been on the news for quite a while, so the question is what has been done?

The government of Zimbabwe has done three things, led by Justice and Legal Affairs Minister, Patrick Chinamasa:
1. It arrested 3 warders believed to have helped in the filming
2. It accused SABC of fabricating the video, insisting that the footage was from another African country
3. And it released 20 prisoners on medical grounds (of course they claim the release was not because of the footage)

Something else that baffles me is how the government arrested three warders while insisting that the footage was from another country.

Since the release of the footage, some Zimbabweans in the Diaspora have been speaking out against the condition in these prisons. It’s been on BBC, CNN, and hundreds of personal blogs to name a few.

Picture from SABC footage

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