Squeeze it in PLEASE By Thandi Mkhatshwa, The Amazwi Blogger

Squeeze it in PLEASE

By Thandi Mkhatshwa, The Amazwi Blogger

Published on Sun, Oct 19 2008 by Thandi Mkhatshwa

It used to be disrespectful and unnatural for a woman to wear pants, but times have changed and so have women’s choice of clothing. Women can now wear what they want, including bell-bottoms, hipsters, leggings, capris and even skinny and low-cut jeans. Hell, I am into jeans myself, but lately I feel that things are getting very tight. Everywhere I turn, I see more and more sisters wearing the ready-to-bust kind of jeans. Even worse is when I get too clear a view of their behinds.

Just last week, I got in a taxi from Tintswalo, my home community, to go to the nearest shopping complex about two kilometers away. Five people sat in the back seat meant for only four passengers, in front of them sat another group of four ladies. I squeezed behind the taxi driver’s seat with three other people who gossiped endlessly about their neighbors. The window next to me was jammed and didn’t open. It was already a hot day, and I was feeling like a stuffed turkey in an oven on a Thanksgiving day. There was no music to cool me down; only a hole in the dashboard kept winking at me.

The taxi picked up a girl on the way. And guess what she was wearing, low-cut jeans! Since there was no space in the taxi for her to sit, she had to stand, placing her squeezed-out-cleavage-behind directly in front of my face, torturing me all the to town.

I felt like screaming at her, saying, “Get your nasty squeezed-out-bum out of my face!” But it was out of my control. I feel that people who wear clothes like that should be charged with a crime for suffocating their poor behinds and for degrading other women by putting them in the spotlight.? I believe a woman need to wear ifull panty (IFP) rather than no underwear or a g-string, which doesn’t cover anything anyway. But people want to look cool in the eyes of others and don’t consider the consequences of their actions. I counted every second until the squeaky taxi arrived at my destination.

According to the law of God, women’s valuable assets should be kept secret. In case you don’t know what women’s valuable assets are, let me tell you: the boobs, booty and the baby-making machine. Not all of us want to admire whatever beauty you think your pumpkins possess. You don’t have to follow what other people are wearing in order to stay in style.? A woman can still look good without looking like a hooker.

When men stare at your skimpy jeans and make nasty comments, or worse even drool at the sight, it’s a violation of all women. One rotten tomato makes all of them look bad. One woman’s actions reflect on the rest of us. Treat your booties with respect and dignity. Keep them tucked away.

All along that taxi journey into town, I couldn’t help but think of how today’s women are degrading themselves for the sake of fashion. They might as well be walking around naked for everyone to see. It’s just nasty, nasty, nasty!

In fact, many women already get raped in South Africa everyday, and men blame the skimpy clothes. Just recently women wearing miniskirts in Johannesburg had their clothes stripped off by taxi drivers in public and raped. Shouldn’t you be taking this in to consideration and leave some things to the imagination? You don’t want to be the next victim.

I think the people who design these kinds of clothes for women should go back to their drawing boards and rethink things through. Gone are those days when Adam and Eve use to walk around au naturel. Ladies, it’s time to put some clothes on.


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