MEN, MEN, MEN, and more MEN. All of ‘em Black by Nina S.

MEN, MEN, MEN, and more MEN. All of ‘em Black

by Nina S.

Published on Thu, Aug 21 2008 by Nina S
Is it just me or should they come with a warning label; men that is? Something along the lines of ‘User discretion is advised’ or ‘Use at your own risk’. At least a heads-up to let you know what lies beyond. If every man came with a label of some sort, then my Brothas would need theirs tattooed on their foreheads. Bold: maybe a neon sign? Nothing fancy like italics; No.?Maybe: Times roman, font 16 or 18. And yes my darling Sistas, that’s because when it comes to men, we’re so short-sighted it hurts. Even if they had beepers or alarms that would go off as they approached us: ‘HEART-BREAKER WALKING’. We’d probably still not hear a thing.
That’s why there are so many stories of girls who got screwed over by their men. That’s what we call them right? My Man. And with pride too, like having a man is now equivalent to a degree. Because that’s what he’s supposed to be, right? Your Man? Yeah, of course (Just incase my intense sarcasm went unnoticed, insert some here, and then a little bit more)!
There’s no end to it and the funniest thing is, the stories are pretty much the same. Take a Disney movie and play it in reverse. That’s your standard relationship. Also take out the singing.?Mostly, the man walks away unscathed and the woman is left curled in her bed in a fetal position. Damn that fetal position.
?It might seem like I’m been a little one sided here, but who cares. In the battle of the sexes, I know where I stand or sit.

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