A little update By Mwelwa Chungu, The AFRican Londoner

A little update

By Mwelwa Chungu, The AFRican Londoner

Published on Wed, Jun 11 2008 by Mwelwa Chungu

Okay, this will be my shortest blog, (all those who know me, as well as those who ever throw a cursory glance at my attempts at writing, applaud!). I have today emerged from a world that I love but that consumes me completely whenever I have to submerge myself in it, the world of the chartered accountant.


I emerge from my revision stupor to find Obama (The Kenyan, as he is very fondly known in my circles, and heart, to be fair, ) has actually managed to win the Democratic presidential nomination and, touch wood, stay alive.  So as I sit here, listening to Prince, trying to get over the crazy overload of reading about six sigma and project management I am again proud of the home of Brave and Free.


Lets see how far you ladies and gentlemen can take this.  Whatever you do, from now on here, be aware the world is watching, very eagerly.  Will America be the first non-African or Caribbean country to have a black man at it helm. We watch, not convinced it will ever happen.


Please convince me it can be...


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