WunmigirlBy Iquo B. Essien, The AFRican Blogger

By Iquo B. Essien, The AFRican Blogger

Published on Thu, Jan 24 2008 by Iquo Essien

Wunmi and her band are performing at Joe's Pub tomorrow night.

She's a homegrown afrobeat talent with crazy dance/vocal/fashion skills. And all Brooklynites, Londoners, Naijas, artistes -- you name it -- claim her as our own. I can't even stand next to her in sabar class, for real. If any of you remember Soul II Soul's "Back to Life" video, Wunmi's the silhouetted dancer in the background.

Very funny story from the second-to-last time I saw Wunmi perform, at BAMCafe in Brooklyn. Or rather, should I say, tried to see her perform. I was late (of course) and the BAM manager had closed concert entry because all his fire exits were blocked, though there was arguably still more room in the venue. He wasn't even letting folks upstairs as others left.

So I and two of my girls, after failing to operate the staff elevator that would take us upstairs, ran UP a DOWN escalator, much to the shocked amazement of the other patrons, who watched in utter silence as we scrambled, like hamsters on a wheel, up the downward moving steps. I was so tired and the situation so ridiculous that I, laughing and out of breath near the top, nearly fell and broke my neck (though, thankfully, I only skinned my thumb).

It was enough down time for me and one of my sistahs in crime to be intercepted by two female bouncers (while my other girl sashayed off into the crowd), one of whom stood at the very top of the escalator with her protuding stomach positioned just so that I could not get a foot on the landing. My girl grabbed my arm before I passed out (I was so tired!) and we returned downstairs to the applause of the other exiled patrons.

It really was that deep b/c Wunmi is so loved.

Well, we hung around in the lobby until near the end of the show, when one of the security guards finally let us upstairs for the last fifteen minutes. That alone was worth the wait cause her energy and vibe were infectious. The girl is FIERCE.


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P.S. Take a look at her latest video. Shout out to Ayo (or, should I say, the wise man) holdin it down for The AFRican!


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