Top 7 Black MenBy Iquo B. Essien, The AFRican Blogger

Top 7 Black Men
By Iquo B. Essien, The AFRican Blogger

Published on Wed, Nov 07 2007 by Iquo Essien
I'm not particularly starstruck and tend to see actors as professionals, not celebrities. That being said, my Top 7 Black Men include those that move me not only on an artistic/intellectual level, but a physical one as well. Hey, I'm still a woman, ;)


The AFRican Blogger

Number One -- Idris Elba

I first noticed Idris Elba, hailing from Hackney East London (of Sierra Leonean and Ghanaian parentage), in Sometimes in April, an HBO Film dramatizing the Rwandan genocide. As sobering as it was, this warm, subtle, yet effective actor came through. And did somebody say FINE?? I mean, really fine, like one of those born-to-be-a-movie-star types. And he's a DJ, too??

That's like a triple threat for me. He's been pubbing his debut CD, BIG MAN, straight up, upside down and sideways. Music was his first passion, but moving to the states to pursue acting, with Hollywood eating him up, it got pushed to the side. I haven't sampled the album yet, but as soon as I do I'll let you know. My claim to fame is that he befriended me on MySpace. He must have done a search for his fans and found his name splashed all up and down my page. It's really him, too, not just some crazy Idris fan, like me. LOL. He was profiled on MTV Base in October. Check it out...

Watch Idris in Ridley Scott's American Gangster opposite Denzel and Russell Crowe. Hollaaaaaaaaa!


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