Everything I missed this summerBy Iquo B. Essien, The AFRican Blogger

Everything I missed this summer
By Iquo B. Essien, The AFRican Blogger

Published on Fri, Sep 14 2007 by Iquo Essien

Tonight at BAM Cafe, Renee Neufville, formerly of Zhane, will be performing live for FREE. I will be there. And tomorrow night, Lizz Fields will grace us with her presence. It gives me pause to comment on all the really tight concerts I missed this summer, and no doubt you did too, since I can't say anyone has yet come up to me saying that they caught a show after reading my blog. (Ten bucks to the first person who does. Seriously.)

Summer is drawing to an end (or is it over? I'm not sure if the equinox happened yet...) and there was so much good stuff that I missed cause I was either out of town or too lazy to drag my butt out of the house. For instance, Lauryn Hill in Wingate Park. I was in South Africa. Same is true of Zap Mama and Angelique Kidjo @ Central Park Summerstage -- I heard that was TIGHT, but, again, I was out of town. Marie Daulne actually has a new album out which I have to sample and get back to y'all about how right and tight it is. Speaking of which, Zap will be putting on a special Halloween show at Highline Ballroom next month and I will be there.

What else, what else...of course, This Woman's Work, featuring contemporary black women choreographers, last weekend at The Harlem Stage. I am still sore about that one because the last time this show happened was two years ago, sitting in the audience being wowed by Ailey's Bridget Moore, Evidence's Camille Brown and Shani Collins, and the divatudinous Princess Mhoon Cooper (featured airborne above). I hope they only wait a year this time. And, of course, Talib Kweli at the Fort Green Fest last weekend, not to mention I didn't make it to a single Soul Summit this year.

I could go on, but I'm depressing myself. ;) The bad news is that the end of summer means the end of free concert season in NYC. But the good news is some of these things are annual events. So, please, next time I warn you, check it out.


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