South African Student Found Slain in NYC ApartmentBy Iquo B. Essien, The AFRican Blogger

South African Student Found Slain in NYC Apartment
By Iquo B. Essien, The AFRican Blogger

Published on Fri, Aug 10 2007 by Iquo Essien

Twenty-year-old Boitumelo McCallum, daughter of ANC activist Teboho Moja, was found slain in her NYC apartment on Sunday. The prime suspect is her boyfriend, 23-year-old Michael Cordero. This is such a horrific case. I don't know what's worse, the fact that she was 20-years-old, or was lying there for several days before anybody noticed she was gone.

I've seen this news in the paper, but I don't hear people talking about it on the street. I hate to hear a story like this. It's such a tragedy when a young life is cut short. I think he must be really mentally ill. The sad part is, that fact won't bring Tumi back.

At the Women in Arts Fest yesterday, in Newtown, I watched Dada Masilo's take on modern society's assault on womanhood. What she portrayed as figure of speech, though literally flogging herself against the stage, sometimes being thrown about by a male partner, dancing in high heels, and pirouetting on her very ankles (NOT her feet, mind you, but the outer joint of her ankles) can be taken quite literally here.

Tumi's face was beaten and her nose fractured. She was found wrapped in a sheet, which suggests that Michael felt shame and remorse for what he had done. However, that doesn't make it better. That doesn't justify it. That doesn't excuse the verbal and physical slights that go unaddressed, which escalate to this type of violence. I am horrified and saddened.


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P.S. Something must be done about this. As a woman in the world, oftentimes I feel exposed, vulnerable, and unprotected. And during South Africa's Women's Month, no less.


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