Ronald K. Brown/Evidence Dance SeriesBy Iquo B. Essien, The AFRican Blogger

Ronald K. Brown/Evidence Dance SeriesBy Iquo B. Essien, The AFRican Blogger

Published on Tue, Aug 07 2007 by Iquo Essien
I don't know if any of y'all caught the Urban Bush Women performance on Saturday, but it was powerful. I was in tears by the end of the show, such that I had to excuse myself and take a very slow walk home, reflecting on my decision to pursue the arts as a form of activism. The phrase of the evening: "If you came here to help me, then you'd be wasting your time. But if your liberation is bound with mine, then we can make change." The power of that statement still takes my breath away.

Anyways, this week Ronald K. Brown/Evidence will be hosting a dance series at Medgar Evers that promises to be just as powerful. See more info below. I participated last year and it was fiyah! Please do a dance for me -- I'll be there in spirit.


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The Evidence Dance Series continues this evening with our signature blend of contemporary and traditional dance. Tonight we have Evidence dancer Juel Lane teaching our technique along with Prisca's fantastic Congolese class.

Please spread the word about our community class this Saturday, August 11th, 11:00am at Medgar Evers College Gymnasium on Carroll Street. This FREE workshop will be co-taught by Ronald K. Brown and Fofie Akoto of Dono Drum and Dance Ensemble in Washington, DC. We end the class with a reception open to the community.

Event Details:

Monday, August 6 - Thursday, August 16, 2007
Check schedule for class times
Evidence Dance Series @ Medgar Evers Prep
Medgar Evers Preparatory School
1186 Carroll Street @ Nostrand Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11225
Cost: Twelve dollars per class
Ronald K. Brown/Evidence


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