10 Reasons Why I'm Leaving America For Nigeria This African American woman desperately wants to move to Africa.

10 Reasons Why I'm Leaving America For Nigeria

Published on Mon, Mar 16 2015 by Web Master

1. The food. GMO this, GMO that. Unhealthy foods and seasonings giving us cancers and diabetes. Keeping people sick through foods.
2. The weather. 9 months of cold weather and 3 months of warm weather. I hate being cold. I feel home sick. This is not my natural habitat. I need the sun 24/7. I need all my Vitamin D.
3. Flouride in the drinking water. We cannot escape it.
4. The Language. I want to learn traditional African languages. I want to hear them and learn to speak them.
5. Culture. It wasn't until about four years ago that I finally learned the truth about my cultural history. I knew I was of African descent, I just didn't know anything else. Anything we are shown about Africa centers on poverty and wars. They really keep the greatness of the culture hidde, probably to keep us from wanting to go back. Now that I know what I know, I'm in love with where I came from and who I truly am. I'm 27 now with a daughter who is almost 9. She deserves to see, learn and live her true culture.
6. Materialism. So much technology, so many distractions. There's nothing wrong with having nice things, people just need to realize that the fact that you have something someone else doesn't have does not mean you're superior . ThIs can happen anywhere, I'm just pointing it out because a lot of people think that because this is the so-called western world, it's better. We can not become robots lost in technology and materialism. We are human beings.
7. Roots. I have every right to want to go back: it's my home too. I hate hearing people say I wasn't born there. What does that mean? Had my ancestors not been STOLEN I would have been born there. I am of African descent. I take pride in Africa. I'm no invader. Doesn't matter where I was born, I am a child of the sun.
8. Spirituality. This is a spiritual move. Peace of mind. When the ancestors speak, I listen. I know you have Christianity and Islam, but I really would like to see and learn more about African traditional religions.
9. Development. I think it's time for not just me, but for a majority of African Americans to take our knowledge and skills back to the motherland to contribute to the continent's development. Why does the world rob Africa and then eat without her?. You are a developing country, but soon you will have all the things you think are so great about the western world. You are rich in resources!
10. I think you knew this was coming. The most important reason of all: INEQUALITY/RACISM. I am sick and tired of being treated differently because of the color of my skin. I am sick of watching white people kill my people and get away with it just because whites are dominant. How long do we have to fight for freedom? We are still fighting after over 400 years. Sometimes I can't even sleep in my bed at night because I'm wondering who's next or what's going to happen tomorrow. I'm sick of being seen as less than a human being. And it's so normal here that a lot of people just ignore it! I can't, its an insult to my soul.
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