City Life: How To Look Good On A Budget Learn how to put together an enviable wardrobe in an expensive African city like Lagos without emptying your bank account.

City Life: How To Look Good On A Budget

Published on Sat, Jan 11 2014 by Web Master

Living in a major African city like Lagos? It can be expensive. Everyone wants to look good in urban centers, but most cannot afford to buy an array of eye-catching outfits. But there's hope after all. Learn from a low-cost fashion pro, here are six tips to help you put together an enviable wardrobe on a budget.
1. Identify your uniform.
Before you begin spending, take a look at your current wardrobe. Do you have a particular uniform? Your uniform would be the type of clothing you wear pretty often. Is your wardrobe filled with dresses, t-shirts, jeans, shorts? My uniform is denim, an easy blouse and flats because I feel comfortable and confident in them. Throw me in a dress every day and I would be stifled. Your uniform may be a maxi gown or, for the guys, denim and a tank top. Once you have your uniform figured out, build your new buys around that. This way you won’t end up impulsively buying pieces you can’t wear very often.
2. Build around pieces you already have.
Once you have discovered your uniform, shopping will be easier to do. All you have to do is build around the functional clothing you already have. For example, knowing that my uniform is denim and an easy blouse, I’ll simply buy comfortable, everyday blouses and graphic t-shirts as well as slacks, jeggings and cargo pants of different colors.

3. Take one step at a time.
Don’t wait till you have ?10 million to spend on a wardrobe revamp. Start small and buy pieces every month or more often if you can afford. For example, with a proposed ?8,000 budget, I can buy a complete everyday outfit.
Keep adding pre-planned and affordable pieces to your wardrobe every month. Make sure these pieces can be worn in more ways than one! Compare prices and be sure to buy good quality pieces without going broke.
4. Make a list and stick to it.
It’s easy to be impulsive when it comes to shopping so always make a list of items to buy before heading out. This is very important. As much as possible include estimated prices.

5. Organise your interests.
If you’re going to build an awesome wardrobe on a budget, it is important to organise your favourite looks and outfits in some sort of lookbook or even better, with Pinterest! This ensures that you have your favourite outfits in view often and you won’t buy clothing items you don’t really like, are not comfortable in or can’t wear as often as you would like. Collect your looks on specific boards and label appropriately so you know where to find what when you need to make a shopping list.
6. Rock clothing items in more ways than one.
One tank top can be worn in ten different ways!
It would be unwise to buy outfits that you can only wear once a blue moon as the occasion arises. If you don’t go out to dinner often, don't add ’dinner gown’ to your shopping list. Be sure to buy items that you can wear in more ways than one– on any occasion.
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