Douyé: The Great Nigerian Singer You Haven't Heard Of We spotlight So Much Love, massively talented Nigerian vocalist Douyé's Afrobeat-infused neo-soul tribute to the legendary Fela Kuti. You should listen.

Douyé: The Great Nigerian Singer You Haven't Heard Of

Published on Sat, Jun 01 2013 by Web Master
On So Much Love, the titular track from Douyé's upcoming sophomore album, the Los Angeles-based graduate of Hollywood's Musicians Institute is incredibly convincing, warming hearts with a singing style that harks back to the acme of 90s soul music and draws apt comparisons to Sade's subtle vocals. 
As a youngster, Douyé witnessed Nigerian Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti's performances at his infamous Afrika Shrine and elected to push So Much Love as the single introducing her latest batch of work. The over six-minute track recreates the wonder of Fela's amazing melding of jazz and tribal sounds with remarkable accuracy, no small thanks to some great production work by prodigious Nigerian bassist Babá Ken Okulolo who once rocked stages around the world at different times alongside Fela and two other Nigerian greats, Victor Olaiya and King Sunny Ade. 
Head below to listen and watch studio footage of the track's making.

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