A Matter Of Urgency: Saving Cameroon's Busuu Language With only a handful of speakers in the entire world, the Busuu tongue of Cameroon is nearly extinct. Who's working to preserve it? Europeans.

A Matter Of Urgency: Saving Cameroon's Busuu Language

Published on Thu, May 16 2013 by Web Master
According to an ethnological study conducted in the 80s, Cameroon's Busuu language is only spoken by eight people in the world, making it one of the most endangered languages on the planet. However, thanks to the efforts of two non-African language enthusiasts, there's some hope of turning the situation around.
Bernhard Niesner and Adrian Hilti (pictured) are the founders of Busuu.com, an innovative 30 million-member online community for learning languages. The pair has been working to preserve Busuu, seeking out speakers of the language around the world and providing the only material of its kind in the world for learning the language.
Watch a video for The Bussu Song, shot in a Cameroonian village, below.


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