Timi Dakolo Remakes Majek Fashek's 'Send Down The Rain' Nigerian soul singer Timi Dakolo wanders into unfamiliar territory on his cover of former Interscope Records signee Majek Fashek's hit, Send Down The Rain, but he delivers a solid jam.

Timi Dakolo Remakes Majek Fashek's 'Send Down The Rain'

Published on Sat, Apr 27 2013 by Web Master
It's quite unusual to have Timi Dakolo, a died-in-the-wool soul vocalist, elect to cover a reggae track, but a musician who's worth his salt is always ready to cross genre boundaries and stretch the limits of his versatility.
On this new version of Majek Fashek's timeless hit, Send Down The Rain, Dakolo brings his own vibe but still gives off the same sincerity that makes the original what it is. Don't expect to hear the instrumentals of the first though: they've given way to a more upbeat rhythm that is more techno than reggae. But everything works, and that's why you should download it here.

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