Nigeria's Mobile Number Portability Ads As Nigeria launches its Mobile Number Portability scheme, the battle between telecoms companies heats up.

Nigeria's Mobile Number Portability Ads

Published on Wed, Apr 24 2013 by Web Master
On Monday, Nigeria rolled out its Mobile Number Portability scheme, giving mobile subscribers the freedom to switch from one network to another without having to change their phone numbers. Since the launch of the scheme, there has been a flurry of activity on the country's telecoms scene with service providers rushing to win subscribers over with sugary video advertisements.
Here are the latest Mobile Numbers Portability ads from Nigeria:
1. Airtel's The Move
This ad plays on the concept of moving houses, with the mover being the subscriber switching networks.
2. MTN's I Don Port
Already gone viral, MTN's hilarious ad features Saka, formerly known as the Etisalat man. Apparently, the South African 'stole' Saka from the UAE-based service provider.
3. Globacom's Switch To Glo
Nigeria's homegrown telecoms giant Globacom's ad is the oldest of the three. In the ad, the migrating subscriber actions mirror that of a dissatisfied tenant who is fed up with her living conditions and has decided to move to a new house.

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