Girls Gone Wild By Thandi Mkhatshwa

Girls Gone Wild

By Thandi Mkhatshwa

Published on Sat, Aug 04 2012 by Thandi Mkhatshwa
University life is one of the most interesting experiences in any student’s life. You get to do what you want to do when you want to do it with no parents near by to nag you or punish you. It’s the perfect life. But based on the life styles of my current roommates I often wonder whether this freedom is actually a good thing
I live in an all girls’ commune with sixteen other students in Bloemfontein. Although some of these students are dedicated to their studies the same cannot be said about most of them. Most of these girls hardly have time to attend their classes because they are too busy drinking booze like there is no tomorrow. Everyday our commune looks more and more like a tavern with all the beer bottles scattered all over the house. But this is not the only behavior I’ve noticed about my roommates.
Everyday I see many different cars of older men coming in and out of the house. Some of these men are old enough to be their grandfathers but that does not stop them from inviting them into their rooms. They like the benefits of having older men giving them money and taking them out to parties, concerts, clubbing, and expensive restaurants. As a result, our commune has a grown a bad reputation because to many it’s known as the ‘Whore house’.
But my roommates are not the only students to live such a lifestyle. This kind of behavior is more common with many university students in South Africa, especially amongst first year students. The age at which these students enter such an institution is an age of freedom and experimentation, where they have the opportunity to test the limits previously set by their parents. As a result, they start hanging out with the wrong people and doing all kinds of crazy things just to fit in.
While many parents out there think that their children are busy with school many of their children are busy drinking a lot and sleeping around with older men or women for money. Some of these students even lie to their parents about needing money for school while the money will, in fact, go to supporting their new lifestyles. But parents are not the only people being lied to. Some students are also taking bursary sponsors for a ride. They abuse the funding they receive for school expenses on alcohol. You will find them relaxing at the coffee shop on campus during school hours drinking away their sponsor’s money.
Eventually, this kind of lifestyle leaves some students in difficult situations. Boys get into fights and end up getting arrested, which leads to them having a criminal record. Girls end up bringing back a baby home instead of a qualification. Some of these girls even drink way too much to a point of having blackouts in public and this some times lead to them getting rapped. And those who are unfortunate enough also get sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV/AIDS through having unprotected sex or getting rapped. But these are not the only troubles students get themselves into in university.
Others get involved with drugs. According to some of my roommates it is so easy for students to get their hands on drugs, such as cocaine and marijuana because there are many dealers on and off campus. Some students even go to their classes high because they have too much freedom on their hands.
While having too much of this freedom may seem like fun what my roommates and other students don’t realize is that it may very well also be their worst enemy because in the end it might destroy any chance of them graduating and having a wonderful future.


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