Tackling Plastic Waste in Ghana, Yale StyleBy Frederick S.

Tackling Plastic Waste in Ghana, Yale Style

By Frederick S.

Published on Mon, Jun 11 2012 by Frederick S.
Three years ago the American school Yale University launched "The Yale [Global] Day of Service (YDOS). Celebrated on the second Saturday of May, YDOS charges students, alums and affiliates of Yale all across the world to participate in community-impacting volunteering activities ranging from tutoring and mentorship to cleanups and donations. This enterprise is part of Yale's broader spirit of empowering individuals around the world to be the change they want to see in the world.
In Ghana, alums of Yale University gathered in a central part of the capital Accra known as the Danquah Circle to mark the day.
The chosen theme for the celebration was "Combating the Plastic Menace in Ghana." Pivot to this launch is the alums' desire to speed up the drive towards recycling a bulk off Ghana's recyclable waste. Alumnus of the University embarked on a mini-clean up exercise before donating a number of recycle bins that are to be exclusively used to collect plastic waste, not ordinary garbage.
This YDOS activity in Accra marked the first Yale Day of Service in Africa. Far from being an isolated event, the occasion is part of a global initiative in which alums all over the world, from Anatolia to Azores, from New Haven to Shanghai, join hands to partake in community outreach events aimed at impacting lives at all levels. Representatives of the alums in Ghana say they are taking steps to ensure that the initiative becomes sustainable and scalable to ensure a broader impact on different communities.


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