The Witchcraft Debate By Thandi Mkhatshwa

The Witchcraft Debate

By Thandi Mkhatshwa

Published on Sun, Jan 01 2012 by Thandi Mkhatshwa
My roommates and I were engaged in the weirdest debate of my life. The debate was about whether or not witchcraft really exists. Let me start by saying that I am not big believer in superstitions. Although I’ve heard so many weird storied about witches I don’t really think that they exists. There is no concrete evidence that suggests that witchcraft does really exists. However, my roommates think that I’m crazy for not acknowledging that there are witches out there.
According to my roommates there are people out there who can actually kill you using spells and all kinds of things. The so-called witches are even capable of striking a person with lightning if you rub them the wrong way. “It happened to my sister,” Ntombi said in a loud tone. “My sister was stroke by lightning in broad day light and it wasn’t even raining or anything. She was walking home and all of a sudden she was hit just like that. My parents suspect that it was our neighbour’s doing because she hates our family.”
Apparently these people can even fly using things such as brooms, bread, CDs and so on. They say that these witches use these things to fly around the communities and visiting other people’s homes at night to steal or harm them. And the stories about the witches didn’t end there.
My roommates further went on to say that the people who come from our neighbouring countries, such as Zimbabwe who go around selling stuff in our communities, are not real. Apparently these people are believed to be dead and their families buried them. But according to my roommates, these people were in fact bewitched. “The witches killed them so they can turn them into their slaves. And that is why these people go around selling stuff around our communities because the witches are using them to make money. And if you take something on credit from them and don’t pay they can magically remove your private part from their ordinary place and put them on your forehead until you pay,” said DK.
As interesting as these stories may sound, I don’t think it’s possible to do any of these things. It sounds like something from a bad horror movie. I couldn’t help myself but to rack into a big laughter. But at the same time I couldn’t help but to worry a little about this issue of witchcraft. Not that I believe in it but because there are innocent people out there whose lives actually get destroyed because of being accused of being witches. In some areas if, for instance a child dies for some unexplained reasons and, they suspect that you bewitched her they will go to your house, pour paraffin on you and burn you alive.
And some people even kill others for the purpose of cutting off their body part to make whatever it is that they make because they believe it will bring them fortune. They actually cut you while you are still alive and apparently the more you scream the better your body parts will work.
Some people are seriously messed up. I just don’t see how another human being’s body parts can bring you luck. It’s stupidity at its best, if you ask me. But from talking to my roommates about witchcraft I learned that people will believe whatever they want to believe and as black people culture plays a big role in our beliefs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fact or not. It’s a shame that other people have to suffer in the process.

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