Varsity Cheating By Thandi Mhatshwa

Varsity Cheating

By Thandi Mhatshwa

Published on Sat, Nov 26 2011 by Thandi Mkhatshwa
Cheating at school is a serious offence. You can actually get expelled if you are caught. However, some students are still willing to risk it and take a chance at cheating during tests. This one girl in particular really shocked me. We were writing a Public Management class test. Everyone in the class was looking very nervous and anxious to get started so they could finish and get the hell out of there.

 Public Management is one of those modules that most students find to be very boring, myself included. I hate anything that has to do with politics. But I had no choice but to include it in my list of subjects to increase my credits. And the fact that the questions in the tests and exams are always the essays types does not help ease the situation. Public Management is a lot work, and I guess the girl in my class was not prepared for it.
As we were busy writing we heard the lecturer say “What the hell? What do you think you are doing?” Everybody started looking at the back where the lecturer was standing. Apparently one of the girls seated in the back row was cheating on the test, and she had made some notes on her cell phone.  Everyone started laughing at the girl. The lecturer looked so annoyed at the girl but she decided to let the incident slide. Instead she took the cell phone away from the girl and asked everyone to please switch off their phones.The lecturer moved away from the cheating girl and went to the front to watch us all from the front.

The class went dead silent again. We carried on with our test. Only the sound of papers being tossed and turned over and again on the desks echoed in the classroom. Some of us continued to bite off our pens and scratching our heads hoping to remember all the answers. And that is when we heard it again. “What is wrong with you?” the lecturer said.  “You know what? Stop writing, your test is over.” We all looked up to see who the lecturer was talking to only to find out that lecturer was still talking to the same girl as before. The lecturer went up to the girl again, looking furious like never before, and took away the girl’s test script.

 It seemed that the girl had also made some extra notes on a piece of paper and was busy copying from it. Everyone started laughing at the girl again. The girl was feeling so embarrassed that she started looking down, like a dog that’s been caught stealing eggs. We went on with our test. And lucky for the girl the lecturer didn’t report the matter to anyone. Instead the lecture gave the girl a zero on the test. Also, we weren’t writing a serious semester test in venues where there are cameras or else she would have had some serious problems, such as being kicked out of varsity.
Thandi Mkhatshwa grew up in the the small village of Tintswalo, South Africa. In 2007, she graduated from the Amazwi School of Media Arts with a Certificate in Narrative Journalism and Fieldwork Studies.She is now studying Accounting at South Africa's University of the Free State in Bloemfontein. She enjoys writing about every day life and events. She blogs once a week on Bookmark her blog at

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