Spin the bottle By Thandi Mkhatshwa

Spin the bottle

By Thandi Mkhatshwa

Published on Tue, Oct 18 2011 by Thandi Mkhatshwa


It was a day just before we wrote our last exams paper, and we thought that it would be great if we could something together to celebrate. Just us girls: me, my friend, Eneta and her two other friends. We decided that we would each contribute some money so that we could buy ourselves some beers and meat so we could have a barbecue at Eneta’s flat. However, the plan soon changed. On the next day after Eneta and I finished writing our last exam paper her friends called and said to meet up with them at some hot spot tavern called Sechaba instead.
I wasn’t really excited about the idea of going to Sechaba mainly because I don’t really like crowded places, especially the kind of places where people are drinking, but I decided to go anyway. So Eneta and I took a taxi and went to meet up with her friends. We found them sitting with three guys. The girls looked very cosy with two of the guys. Apparently the other guy was just their friend. Eneta and I sat down with them and ordered a plate of food and a few beers. We ate and drank the beers and then ordered another round of beers.

Eneta and I were paying for our booze with our own money but her friends’ booze was being paid for by the two men we found them with. At first I didn’t read too much into it but as time went on I could tell that there was definitely something cooking between the two men and Eneta’s friends. We drank a few more beers and then the two men suggested that we go somewhere else. The two men had cars, so we all went along with them. We stopped at some bottle store and bought a few drinks and then they drove and went to one of the guy’s flat. I was a little surprised at this and felt very uncomfortable about the whole thing but I didn’t say anything to Eneta. I didn’t want to spoil her day or anything like that.

So we all went inside the flat and straight into the bedroom. There were no chairs in the room so we all sat on the beds. They took out their beers and started chatting, drinking their beers and smoking their cigarettes. Eneta passed me a beer but at that time I was no longer feeling comfortable with this whole think. I just took the beer but didn’t drink it. And all of a sudden Eneta’s friends suggested that we played a game called spin the bottle. The rules were that if you are a girl and you spin the bottle and it pointed to a man you would have to kiss him. And it was the same with the guys. If it pointed to a girl they would have make out with the girl. But if it pointed to a girl and you are a girl you would have to take off a piece of your clothing.  And the same thing applied to the men.

They all sounded so excited about the game but unfortunately for them that was where I drew the line. I refused to be part of it. I had been drinking but the alcohol certainly hadn’t made me lose myself respect. Eneta was cool with my decision because she gets me but the two men and girls were pissed off. I sat the corner of the bed, kept quit and wondered what I had gotten myself into. This was definitely not the way I wanted to celebrate the end of our exams. Eneta’s friends and the men started playing their game. They started kissing, undressing and touching each other inappropriately on the bed. I felt like the ground could just open up and swallow me right there and then.

They continued to do their thing but I just couldn’t take it anymore. I just wanted to get out of there. So I stood up and stepped out of the room and Eneta came out as well. I could hear her friends and their men complaining and saying all kinds crazy things about me. But I didn’t care about all of that.  I just wanted to get out of that place. We left the place and her friends also followed suit. Eneta and I tried going to a few clubs after this incident but my heart was no longer it. So we went back to her flat and called it a night. Some friends sure know how to turn a perfectly planned day into a nightmare.

Thandi Mkhatshwa grew up in the the small village of Tintswalo, South Africa. In 2007, she graduated from the Amazwi School of Media Arts with a Certificate in Narrative Journalism and Fieldwork Studies.She is now studying Accounting at South Africa's University of the Free State in Bloemfontein. She enjoys writing about every day life and events. She blogs once a week on AFRicanmag.com. Bookmark her blog at

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