Nasty Hangover By Thandi Mkhatshwa

Nasty Hangover

By Thandi Mkhatshwa

Published on Sun, Sep 18 2011 by Thandi Mkhatshwa

Drinking alcohol can sometimes be a good way to relieve stress. But sometimes it can also make you do crazy things and that is exactly what happened to me the just the other day. It was on a Tuesday afternoon and my friend and I had just written an accounting test. That day I felt like my brain wasn’t functioning properly because it just went blank right in the middle of the test. I couldn’t remember anything at all no matter how hard I tried even though I had studied so hard for the test. I could even smell my brain overheating, and I felt like my head was going to explode. I was feeling stressed about the possibility of having failed accounting and apparently I wasn’t the only one. My friend, Eneta looked really down too.

 So after the test Eneta suggested we got ourselves some booze to drown our sorrows. I am usually not a big fan of alcohol. I only drink on special occasions. But that day it seemed like the perfect solution to my problem. So we went and bought some vodka and coke to mix it with. After that we went straight to her commune and locked ourselves in her room. It was round about 5p.m when we got to her room. We played some music and started drinking. As we drank we started dancing and laughing a lot. We had forgotten all about our worries. We emptied and refilled our glasses with the vodka over and again. We were really having fun.

But what happened next really shocked me. I found myself lying on the floor and the t-shirt I was wearing felt really wet. I couldn’t remember where I was or what was happening. And I was feeling rather cold. I took out my cell phone in my packet and looked at the time and I was surprised to discover that the time was about I tried sitting up but my head was feeling very heavy. And suddenly it hit me that I was at Eneta’s place and that I might have passed out from all the drinking we had been doing. The cold was getting to me, so I called out to Eneta to give me a blanket or something but she was fast asleep on her bed.

I crawled around searching for something to cover myself and eventually found a blanket in Eneta’s closet. I took off my wet t- shirt and went back to sleep on the floor. And when I finally managed to open my eyes again at around I couldn’t believe my eyes.  The whole room looked like a pigsty and I was covered in vomit. Apparently I threw up all over the floor and on myself before I passed out. I was so disgusted at sight that I ran to the toilet and vomited again. When I was done I dragged myself out of the toilet and went back to the room again and started cleaning my mess. After that I went and took the longest shower of my life, set the alarm on my phone to wake me up for a class I had at and went back to sleep again.

And when the alarm went off I tried to stand up but my whole body was in so much pain as if I had been hit by a truck. My head was also still feeling heavy. I thought about missing the class but my conscience wouldn’t let me do that. So I forced myself out of the bed and hit the shower again, got dressed and went to school. I tried to act to so normal in class but all I could so was rest my head on the table. I was feeling so sick and tired that I couldn’t hear anything the lecture was saying. I even remember wishing that the lecture could just shut up and let me sleep in peace. Luckily the class was only one hour long and I went back straight to room. And since I couldn’t stomach anything at all I just went back to slept again. 

I woke up the following day only to find that I was still feeling sick again. In fact I was sick the whole week.  From that day I started to respect alcohol. Although it can make things seem okay just for a moment it can also be your worst nightmare and I learnt that the hard way. And when we eventually got our accounting results I found that I had passed. So all the worrying that drove me to the bottle in the first place were all for nothing. But one thing is for sure. I will always remember this day as the craziest moment of my life.


Thandi Mkhatshwa grew up in the the small village of Tintswalo, South Africa. In 2007, she graduated from the Amazwi School of Media Arts with a Certificate in Narrative Journalism and Fieldwork Studies.She is now studying Accounting at South Africa's University of the Free State in Bloemfontein. She enjoys writing about every day life and events. She blogs once a week on Bookmark her blog at


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