What's In A Herb? by Ebele Chizea

What's In A Herb? by

Ebele Chizea
Published on Fri, Jul 24 2009 by Ebele Chizea
New York City: Recently, out of a combination of boredom and curiosity, I joined a group of people at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden to learn about the vibrations in flowers, plants and herbs.
My only experience with herbs prior to this was in the form of tea. When I had heartburn, I drank chamomile tea when a friend informed me that it soothes the stomach. It worked. The same friend told me that chamomile was great for meditation and inducing dreams. I always remember my dreams when I wake up in the morning, however, on a restless night, this magical herb sent me to dreamland after only a few sips. Therefore, when I encountered this group I was determined to keep an open mind.
Our group leader, a Yoruba priest in white garb, pointed to different plants and explained their holistic benefits. Here’s what I learned:
Herbs are divided into sweet, bitter and neutral-depending on its effect on the individual. For example, roses are sweet because they draw love to the subject as well as wealth inducing bayberry leaves. Pines, on the other hand, are bitter because they wave off negative energy. 
The Lotus flower, highly regarded in Hinduism, assists with spiritual development. And guess what, thorny rose stems are protective plants. Plants in the Rhodendron family are considered "lucky leaves," because, as you may have guessed, they draw good luck to a person. The firm and resilient characteristic of the bamboo, also induces similar traits on a person who uses it. Sage is a great relaxant. It's also effective for raising the vibration of a room. Jasmine induces sleep, peace and invites love.
The tour lasted for two hours and scores of plants were identified for their special abilities. On our way out, I asked the Priest in the nicest way possible if this was all, perhaps “hocus pocus.” With a kind look in his eyes he said, “it’s all about intention.”
As I finish this article, I am basking in the sweet, powerful smell of incense made with Jasmine. I bought the incense before going on the tour because of the scent and the way it makes me relax. Maybe with a strong enough intention, love is around the corner.



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