Why did Obama Choose Ghana as first Sub-Saharan African Country to Visit?By Adeola Oladele

Why did Obama Choose Ghana as first Sub-Saharan African Country to Visit?

By Adeola Oladele

Published on Tue, Jun 02 2009 by Adeola Oladele

President Obama has decided to visit Ghana between July 10th and 11th 2009. I asked few Africans in the U.S. and London, why they think Obama chose Ghana for his first grand visit to Africa.

Kola Ogunbiyi, from Nigeria: “I may be wrong, but I think because Ghana appears to be the first African country that could be considered as serious and transparent about their democratic process. Corruption is less in Ghana compare to other African countries. There could be other reasons but I think this comes first.”

Faithman Nartey, from Ghana:
“Hmm. This is a tough question; I have no clue why he chose Ghana first. Maybe it's because democracy is thriving in the country. So he wants to go there and renew America's support for democracy in the country.”

Seye Ajagbe, from Nigeria: “Obama's going to Ghana first in Africa is all about America’s interest. The latest African nation with the discovery of large commercial oil now is Ghana. It has nothing to do with which African nation is the greatest, and should be visited first.”

Annonymous From Kenya: “I think he did the right thing by not choosing Kenya because the reality is that the Kikuyu elite want to maintain the status quo and to them Obama is just another Luo, so they really do not care what he says.”

Peter Manyang, from Sudan: “Ghana is a good example of how countries should
Practice democracy in Africa. It’s very diverse with many tribes, yet they were able to have a peaceful election, compared to some other countries.”

Mojoyin Onijala, from Nigeria: “Perhaps because Ghana just had an election, a peaceful turn-over of power and a leader who himself ‘represents change’. Also, many are saying Ghana is the next continental power and is an ‘example’ for Africa. Whether that’s true or not…only time will tell”
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