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Uniqlo’s White Project And the Jil Sander Connection
By Ezinne Ukoha

Uniqlo, Japan’s updated version of H&M has been a godsend for fashionistas in NYC ever since its highly anticipated opening a few years ago. The brand specializes in affordable but trendy wear. And now comes their collaboration with Steven Alan, the world famous architect of the button-down-shirt creation. Together they have produced the ultimate summer staple - the white cotton jumper. But you have to hustle your way to the store ASAP because this piece happens to be in limited supply. Picturing yourself in your white jumper rocking a pair of tan gladiator sandals should be motivation enough!

Another motivation is the exciting news that German designer Jil Sander, known for her simple and durable pieces specifically for the working woman will also be jumping on the Uniqlo bandwagon as well but this will prove to be an extended working relationship. Her new role will involve supervising the daily production of the men and women’s line.

Uniqlo has always been known as the brand that produces good quality and edgy apparel at prices that hardly make you squint. Sander intends to carry on that tradition by adding her own special sense of quality and undiluted ideas to the mix. Incidentally, Sander also sold her namesake fashion label to Japan’s Onward Holdings Corp. The collaborative efforts between Jill Sander and the Japanese brand is seen as a unique opportunity to help boost the image of Uniqlo worldwide and also produce higher quality clothes. Japanese based Fast Retailing operating officer Yukihiro Katsuta says, “Basically this is about how to upgrade Uniqlo, how to really make better clothes, so it’s not about making new and separate products”.

The Sander/Uniqlo creations will make their debut in stores around the world starting sometime this fall. Finally something to look forward to!!

Photo Courtesy of Style.com

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