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Finding Our Inner Michelle
By Gwen Jimmere

Michelle Obama is one bad chick!

This is a woman who exudes impeccable style, yet is not defined by labels. She plays her position without playing the background. She’s a ‘round the way girl with the wherewithal to negotiate and finagle with the “good ‘ol boys”. And she holds it down without holding anything back.

Forget wanting to be like Mike—I want to be like Michelle.

I started to realize that there is a bit of Mrs. Obama in all of us and began to break down how we each can tap into our “inner Michelle”.

Drumroll please…

Know Who You Are But Don’t Forget Where You Came From
For the first time in history, we have someone attainable staring back at us from our 42-inch screens. I love (most of) the black women in the public eye who represent us, but without naming names, I just can’t see myself having dinner at the cafe down the street with them. I can’t picture hanging out on my momma’s porch, shooting the breeze, and killing time with most of these women. Michelle, however, is a different breed. Michelle holds one of the highest positions a woman can have in this country. But instead of becoming a pompous prude ruling over her “peons”, she has remained incredibly grounded and true to herself and her roots. Knowing that it can all be taken away at the drop of a hat breeds a type of confidence that forces us to be relatable—which is one sexy quality. No one likes a jerk.


Recognize That Your Value is Not Up for Negotiation
How much are you worth? I mean, really? Think about it. Michelle knew what she brought to the table long before Barack showed up as her subordinate at the law firm where she was his boss. And she wasn’t willing to settle for any-‘ol-body just for a shot at the oft-desired white picket fence and 2.5 children in suburbia.

Settling is for suckers and patience is a virtue. I wouldn’t lie to you: belief in the positive yields positive results. It’s not enough to just “think” you’ll find Mr. or Ms. Right, you have to “feel” you are deserving of such a relationship. While no one hopes to be single in their old age, recognizing your value and deciding that you’re worth the wait will ensure that your happiness won’t suffer just so your ring finger can feel a bit heavier. Yes, you are that good.


Love Yourself by Getting In Touch with Your Brains, Beauty and Booty
Michelle proves to us that we can be unequivocally sexy, sans the caked-on makeup, the breast-baring t-shirts, and the two bulks of weave from Mr. Wu’s Hair Supply.
That said, everyone isn’t a 5-octave songbird. Nor is everyone cut out to be a screen queen. Our inherent intellect is just as sexy as our creative talents, if not more. Whatever your creative or intellectual strengths are, utilize them and milk them for all they’re worth

Furthermore, self-love is one of the most vital traits we can possess. Treat yourself right, take time out for you. Learning yourself can literally take years. And guess what else? Much like Michelle’s daily early morning workouts, we need to sweat. As my trainer says, “those who don’t make time for exercise now, will have to make time for disease and debilitation later”. It’s true. Michelle understands that our health is one of the few things in life we have some kind of control over. Love yourself enough to make sure your body will be able to love you back for years to come. So get out there and get moving!