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Book Review: The Shack
By Skye Holly

We've all heard or read books about those who have seen the light or had life changing epiphanies. How about a story about a man who found a note and then found himself? A little different if that note is from God, wouldn't you say?

Popular culture's rightful fascination with the afterlife leaves a lot of questioning in the here and now, evident in the success of such books as NY Times bestsellers The Lucky Bones or Conversations with God. Another current bestseller takes a new approach.

In The SHACK by William P. Young, a father is invited to return to the abandoned shack where his missing child may have been murdered, for a weekend with God. And you thought you had big plans for the weekend.

How do you pack for this?

Not knowing whether or not he is the subject of a prank, Mack Philips goes against his better judgment and travels back to the scene of his worst fears. Dealing with what he calls The Great Sadness, has become too much for him and he wants closure. He hopes to meet his daughter's victimizer or someone who knows something...or hopefully, God.

Mack's encounter is not what he expects and that just may be a good thing. His notions of God are exposed and challenged as he meets a God who listens to funk music on headphones and embodies physical appearances way more contrary to religious stereotypes.

As Mack is given a chance to deal with his grief, he learns not only that God isn't who he thinks he is, but that Mack himself isn't who he thinks he is either. With revelations that will send chills up your spine, The SHACK is a must read for this hibernating season that throws a blanket over your heart. Given the opportunity to throw in the face of God all of your frustrations and questions is a pretty bold move, but one that Mack feels he must take advantage of.

At the shack, there is no such thing as a dumb question. The only dumb question is the one never asked. My question--Why hasn't The SHACK made Oprah's Book Club yet?