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Observing Martin Luther King Day: Things to do in and around your community
By The AFRican Event Planner

It's the 79th birthday of Dr. King, and the 40th anniversary of his passing.Ã'  There are many things to do in and around your community to observe this day.Ã'  You don't have to start and stop today, but continue to observe this special day throughout the year.

Community Service: Volunteer in your community
It's nice to help out those in your community.Ã'  From local soup kitchens, to children's orphanages, there are many ways to help.Ã'  Check these websites for local places to volunteer:
VolunteerMatch.org - Find over 3000 ways to make a difference by volunteering remotely, or in your community.
OneBrick.org - Find local places to volunteer.
Bestbuddies.org - Dr. King helped others - become a mentor!

Spend time with your loved ones.
Dr. King's Day is the perfect time to spend time with those you care about.Ã'  From cooking, to playing board games, there's nothing better than spending time with those you love.

Make a hearty meal:
For recipes, visit:
Congocookbook.com - find recipes from the Congo.
Africagiude.com - African recipes
Allrecipes.com - South American and Latin recipes
Recipeisland.com - Caribbean Recipes
Soulfoodcookbook.com - A guide to soul food recipes.
Sudairy.com - Middle Eastern Recipes
RecipesIndian.com - Indian recipes
Asianonlinerecipes.com - Asian recipes
For all other recipes, visit:Ã'  Allrecipes.com for a complete guide to recipes from around the world.

Find local events around your neighborhood!
Often, there are events happening right outside your front door.Ã'  For a list of events, it's always a good idea to look at flyers and other banners up around your neighborhood.Ã'  If not, Google is always an excellent place to look!