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The AFRican Profile: Music Artist Adama
By Cynthia Nakpodia-Ribeiro

With a soulful voice and unique look, music artist Adama represents a Nigerian and English background. Born in London, England, Adama sets a new wave in Alternative-pop. Her debut album due out on October is entitled Delicate Dragon, and was recorded during a two-year span in the desert by the Dead Sea in Israel. She claims to love Israelis for their musical diversity. The AFRican Magazine's own Cynthia Nakpodia-Ribeiro had a chat with Adama, in which she talks about a wide range of topics, from her influences, to giving advice to up and coming artists in the industry.

The AFRican: Where were you born and raised?
Adama: I was born and raised in London, England.

The AFRican: Did music play a role in your childhood?
Adama: Yes, very much so. My mother and father are both music lovers and exposed me to a diverse range of styles during my childhood.

The AFRican: What influences your style today?
Adama: Everything I hear that I like! Everything that moves me.

AFRican: Who are your heroes' in this industry? And what inspired you to enter the music industry?
Adama: There are too many artists to mention that I love and who have inspired me over the years. I tend to fall in love with more unknown artists from all over the world but more famous or recognized names that come to mind are artists such as Jeff Buckley, The Police, Bob Marley. The thing that inspired me to get into this industry is the feeling that I carry within me all day and every day. It's my love for music, my love of making music, and how beautiful it feels to share my music with others.

AFRican: How would you describe your style of music?
Adama: That's very hard to do as its new to what's out there. It's just 'Adama style'. It's pop done in a special way!

AFRican: What project are you working on now?
Adama: My album 'Delicate Dragon' is coming out in October this year, which I'm very excited about. I've been working with a group called Tuatara which features Peter Buck from R.E.M and Barrett Martin of The Screaming Trees - both very cool rock bands in the USA. Right now, I'm focusing on live shows in the USA.

AFRican: Which of your tracks is a DJ's or radio host playing? And where can we hear your music?
Adama: 'Show Me The Exit' is the track that the DJs are spinning and you can hear that song at www.myspace.com/adama.

AFRican: What challenges are you facing in the music world?
Adama: The challenges I'm facing right now in the music world is remembering not to be phased by the fact that there is so much music out there being heavily promoted that sounds so unoriginal and similar to other stuff. I want to make a difference with my music and bring my personal style of music to as many people as I can.

AFRican: What have you learnt along the way that you can share with an upcoming artist?
Adama: Feel the fear and do it anyway. Follow your true path. Let your dreams take you there.

AFRican: What are your hobbies and other interests?
Adama: I love belly dancing! I love reading and I love watching great movies. I'm also very much into learning about the current environmental issues that our world is facing and discovering the small but powerful ways in which we can all individually help to create a better future for our children.

AFRican: Where have you performed and where can we catch your next gig?
Adama: I've performed mainly abroad but I'm now in New York City preparing my first US shows. I'll be announcing all dates on my MySpace profile and I'm so very excited to start performances here.

AFRican: Any information you would like to give us, or any last words?
Adama: I want to thank you AfricanMag.com for supporting me and interviewing me. Also thank you to everyone whose reading! Come and visit me at www.myspace.com/adama, add me as a friend and send me a message, I'd love to hear from you. I have a mini documentary on my MySpace profile about the making of my album. Also, if you would like to come to one of my shows in the US, you can sign up for my mailing list at MySpace.

AFRican: Thank you
Adama: And thank you too!!