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Golf for Charity
By Ayesha Attah

At 9:00 am on August 11, while most were catching up on their Saturday sleep-in, twenty plus Ghanaian men gathered at the verdant Skyview Golf Club in Sparta, New Jersey, to play golf and vie for a fifty thousand dollar cash prize.

Mike Parker, the chairman of Ghana Golf said the players came together to give back to charity with their earnings. This was the first of what was dubbed the "Annual Golf Outing" Parker said; each year they would pick a charity to donate to.

This year's charity is the International Healthcare Group, a not-for-profit group of African doctors and nurses who provide health services to the more neglected parts of Ghana and West Africa.

About twenty-eight men registered to take part in the outing, and spent the whole day playing in an 18-hole game. Each participant paid about two hundred dollars to enter the tournament.

"I saw beautiful African men practicing between 9:00 and 10:30," said Rashida Bobb, a volunteer. She said she thought it was a good turnout for the first year but urged that there be women next year.

Sponsors included Fidelity Bank, who offered the cash prize for a hole-in-one accomplished from 175 yards away, North American Airlines and Klassique Travels, based in New York.

Parker said whoever managed to get the hole-in-one would give half of the money to International Healthcare, but while there were close encounters, no one accomplished that feat.

The game was ended with an awards ceremony and dinner.