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Family Summer Survival Guide
By African Magazine Staff Writer

So the kids are home from school and that summer camp you wanted was over booked-what to do. Don't fret. The AFRican has your summer survival guide to help your family wile away the summer days with ease.

1. Summer Family Fun. You don't have to take that big budget trip back home to experience the pleasures of summer travel. Instead explore your neighborhood like an out-of-towner. There are loads of family friendly activities in cities across the nation. Check out your local parks, libraries, and museums for activities. Pry the kids away from the TV and Xboxs and keep them in outdoor activities.

2. Keep to a schedule. Remember your kids are coming from an environment where everything from meals to mathematics was planned. They need routine. Stick to a regular bedtime- the occasional night up is fine but make it the exception not the rule- or you'll be dealing with a bunch of hot cranky kids the next day.

3. Mealtime Methodology. Have meals on a timetable as well. Try to have some lighter fare. Have light meals at lunch and make sure there are healthy snacks available throughout the day. Those heavy stews and yams can cause lethargy. Spare yourself some time cooking in the hot kitchen and save that meal for the evening.

4. Family Projects. From cleaning out the garage to volunteering at the local soup kitchen-it's all hands on deck. In the true communal African fashion your family can bond as they work together. A great way to pass on your values. Moms it's a good time to break tradition and teach your sons to cook alongside their sisters- much needed self sufficiency for those lean college years. Your worklist can be fun too- for instance washing the family car can turn into the water gun battle that's refreshing on a hot day.