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Man-Made Poetry
By Note and Cassandra Floyd

Man-Made Poetics: Words by and about Men.

Look At Me

I was born on the continent of the Sun, where the riches of the entire world exist.
I would run and play on the plains of the Serengeti and enjoy the wind blowing in my face; I would jump in the Atlantic Ocean and go for a swim and lie naked on the beach for the sun to shower me with life.
My only goals were to enjoy the simple life that I was born to.
A day-to-day ritual would be with family by the fire telling story of our ancestors.
The day that sadness fell upon me, I was taken from my land and into slavery, and spread onto all regions of the earth, the unity of my family was lost, but my identity could never be lost, because I am the alpha and the omega, that is my birthright.
I have helped build many lands with my bare hands, and I have learned their languages and religions, I have adapted to their customs.
For my brother who has done this deed to me, I do not hate you, for I am a king who was dethroned.
The road to regain my rightful place has nothing to do with faith, it is written in the hands of destiny.
So my brother, do not be afraid because I have learned from you.
The sadness that is upon me is because my family is lost, and that my brother is why I am sad today.
Families of the sun continent unite and take your rightful place, so that your sadness could be wiped away forever.


To A Man

Between the sea foam and the tide
your back rises
while an afternoon in solitude
goes down.
I hold your black eyes, obsidian
in a gulf coast shell
I hold your lips
like salt boiling in the sand
I hold your incense chin
under the sun
A man of the world over me
And Orisha songs
entwine his legs, his head
and the fullness of our hearts
like seafarers
searching for a hidden shore,
lashed to an uncertain sail
of love
windchimes singing
mo ni ife re
In his arms, I live
In his heart I love

By Cassandra Floyd