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Spring into Spring's Afri-Chic Styles
By Priscilla Nzimiro

With winter moving into the rear-view of spring, it's safe to rid your closets of chunky winter garb to make room for funky, fresh, and feminine frocks. Sixties mod and go go styles are definitely the hottest trends, so it's all about dresses with bold colors, prints, and lots of attitude. Here's a fashion news flash on the best styles for every fashionista's favorite season.

Good News: Instead of following popular trends that don't complement an African gal's body type, this spring every woman of color has the opportunity to make the appropriate fashion statement. With an array of fun and flirty silhouettes including baby doll, kimono, tunic, and shirt dresses, designers are offering up the perfect dress for every figure in afrilicious fabrics.

Great News: Since top designers are now using prints reminiscent of African fabrics like Ankara and tie-dye, now is the perfect time to start collecting the printed fabrics you've been eyeing at African street festivals. Big apparel stores like Saks, Bloomingdale's, and H&M have taken note of ethnic inspired styles, so maintaining a contemporary urban look with Afro-chic flair is easier to achieve.

Rather than pay the 400 dollar asking price for one of Diane von Furstenburg's illustrious prints, have your local seamstress knock off your favorite designer silhouettes using ethnic printed fabrics in striking colors. Far from the puffy shouldered formal "attire" of your Mom's heydey (though Mama was workin' it)- your tailor can cut the cloth to suit your youthful fancy. If you love the barely there mini that kept Beyonce bootylicious, get your own made in a funky batik print. Want Halle Berry's halter top? Do the same.

Bottom line: Don't be afraid to wear bold African colors and prints with confidence and style.

Credits: Model-Cheryl Stukes
Photographer- April Jean
Designer:Harriet's Alter Ego