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For The Love Of A City: Rising Fashion Label Channels The Upbeat Vibe of Lagos
By Ore Fakorede
Created in 2010, fashion upstart Chuck Nwachukwu's streetwear label, LaidBac Lagos, captures the metropolitan lifestyle of Lagos like no other fledgling brand around.
Deliberately avoiding the elitist façade that is the hallmark of the work of several high-end designers in Nigeria's most vibrant city, LaidBac Lagos is fresh, upbeat and down-to-earth. The label plugs its aim to reintroduce “Lagos to folks,” and “give everyone in the major cities around the world an opportunity to experience Lagos first-hand in quality and vivid colours” through its near-flawless graphic tees and sweatshirts.
LaidBac Lagos favours functionality and authenticity over fanciness, making its pieces as accessible to the everyday person as possible while still maintaining an air of exclusivity (by not giving in to the potentially financially-rewarding temptation of flooding the market with its designs). Here's a label that has learned early from the over-imitation of South African fashion line Ama Kip Kip fashion.
Before Nigerian celebrities snap up every item there is (and they will), see the LaidBac Lagos Spring/Summer 2013 collection below.