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Herbal Healing in Honduras
By Passion Benedith
Here in the U.S. it is estimated that there are about 43 million residents, without health insurance. Unfortunately, I am part of that group. In fact, it was due to "downsizing" that I became uninsured, After researching various private plans I realized that I simply could not afford to pay $300 per month and so, for five years, I put off getting even a physical exam.

Three years were marked with stressful events: my mum's breast cancer, my grandma's fatal pancreatic cancer, more cancer deaths in the family, a murder of my aunt and more. I realized that these emotional assaults had taken their toll on my health. Still, though I did not really feel well, paying rent and basic urban survival took precedence over even my health.

In July 2000, I was diagnosed with colon cancer, given six months to live and offered no alternative but chemotherapy and radiation. But with no health insurance how was I to pay for all of this? Plus I was discouraged, having watched a cousin die from the effects of the chemotherapy.

Before my cousin's death, my family and I had been searching for a Honduran herbalist, Alfredo Bowman, known as Dr. Sebi. We had heard that he had not only cured cancer, but he'd been successful in curing or reversing sickle cell anemia, lupus, herpes, cancer, leukemia and even AIDS. My Aunt Julia had been cured of fibroids with Sebi's herbal compounds in the late 1980's.

I was determined to find him. As I took my chances with God and nature, I began an unfruitful search for Dr. Sebi. I located a number for him in Honduras, but he wasn't there.

While still searching, I fasted for 90 days drinking only green juices and water, praying and taking healing baths. I had a ritual of making "body broadcasts" - talking and commanding my cells to do what they were ingeniously designed to do. I went as far as giving my cancer a name, RECNAC; CANCER spelled backwards. By December the colon cancer had reversed itself, I was no longer bleeding rectally and my natural bowel function had returned.

The joy was short-lived because a month later I was diagnosed with leukemia. Cancer cells had been found in my blood, not surprising since, I'd been anemic from childhood. Finally after months of looking, I found in flyer in a Brooklyn store advertising a lecture by Dr. Sebi. He was here in the U. S.

Dr. Sebi is a genius at orchestrating herbal healing combinations. "Based on the genetic biochemistry of people of African descent", he continued, "It is imperative, that in order to 100% reverse any disease, a nutritional approach is very necessary" he said. He's the conductor of the plant world. Everything he said made good old-fashioned sense to me. He identified mucus as the common denominator in all diseases.

I had an opportunity to meet him after the lecture and he encouraged me to visit the Usha Healing Village in Honduras. That same day, I began a treatment of "intra-cellular cleansing" with Dr. Sebi's vegetation cell food herbal compounds.

Last April, the way was made for me to continue my cleansing at the Usha Healing Village. I spent 82 days there continuing the reversal of my diseases by drinking bitter herbs, taking my herbal compounds, bathing in thermal spring waters and sauna, drinking the thermal waters and following a modified raw food diet. A blood test done in Honduras confirmed that I no longer had the presence of cancerous cells in my blood. Weeks later, my tumor was gone.

The late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes of the R&B group TLC was there and shared my joy. She, her siblings and her girl group were at the village filming a documentary on the beauty of Honduras and of the Usha Healing Village. She died in a car accident soon after.

Though I still don't have health insurance, I have the assurance that I don't need it, at least not at the moment. Dr. Sebi's vegetation cell-food has become my health "ensurance" program.

For more information about Dr. Sebi's vegetation cell food, visit http://www.drsebiproducts.com/id4.html

In early 2003, health insurance became available in New York State for every child under 19 regardless of immigration status and for most families provided they are Americans or legal immigrants.
EDITOR'S NOTE: The AFRican's last contact with Passion Benedith was in or around 2004.