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By Buggs Bunny
A Woman in Prayer

When a woman seeks God,
she lays her soul bare;
like a tree in autumn
is a woman in prayer.

Through Jesus
she makes her supplication
To Him, the Father
of all creation.

To Him who divided
darkness and light,
to Him who gave
the sparrow flight.

Attentively He listens;
God knows she's sincere.
And if she cannot speak,
He interprets her tear.

When a woman seeks God,
there's a trembling
of the earth:
hope and healing,
a miracle at birth.

She breathes into a soul
that which it lacks
then praises Him
for His mighty acts.
When a woman seeks God,
she transforms the air;
more precious than a ruby
is a woman in prayer.


Studded with thorns,
I inflicted wounds
deeper than my own.
You were persistent
as the sun;
you must have known
there were juices
running inside me.


A lonely sparrow
finds a friend
in the autumn rain.