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New Al Jazeera Documentary Series Tells The Story Of
By Ore Fakorede
Throughout August and September, international news channel Al Jazeera will air episodes of The French African Connection, a three-part documentary series which explores the dark and dramatic history of France's relationships with its former colonies in Africa.
Described as “a brutal and nefarious tale of corruption, massacres, dictators supported and progressive leaders murdered, weapon-smuggling, cloak-and-dagger secret services, and spectacular military operations,” The French African Connection features interviews with persons of interest including former French ambassadors to African countries, former oil barons, African presidents, French spies and the son of France's Fifth Republic leader Francois Mitterrrand.
The series premiered on August 8 with an episode (watch here) which focuses on the political lengths to which France has gone to continue exploiting the natural resources of its former colonies in order to meet its huge energy needs.
Episodes of The French African Connection can be viewed each week on Al Jazeera at the following times: Monday - 20:00 (GMT), Tuesday - 12:00 (GMT), Wednesday - 01:00 (GMT), and Thursday - 06:00 (GMT).
Image via Penguin News