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Exiled Cameroonian Musician Lapiro de Mbanga Speaks At Oslo Freedom Forum 2013 (Video)
55-year-old Cameroonian singer-songwriter and activist Lapiro de Mbanga has long been one of the foremost critics of corrupt politicians (particularly President Paul Biya) in his home country, using satirical lyrics to speak against socioeconomic injustice. Shortly after the release of his song, Constipated Corruption which targeted Biya and resonated with anti-government demonstrators, Mbanga was arrested on April 9, 2008 for supposedly inciting the Cameroon-wide protests of February 2008. He was subsequently held under life-threatening conditions at Douala's notorious New Bell Prison until his release on April 8, 2011. 
Below is footage of Mbanga delivering a speech at this year's Oslo Freedom Forum which held from the 13th to the 15th of May. In his address, Mbanga recaps his imprisonment, express appreciation for the help he has received from several persons and organisations over the years, and most importantly, spotlights the present state of affairs in Cameroon.
Please note: Mbanga's speech is in French, please enable captioning on the video to see English subtitles.