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Kenya's Just A Band Revisits The Nyayo House Torture Chambers In New Music Video
Few entered the Nyayo House torture chambers and made it out in one piece, if alive at all. Built by despotic Kenyan leader Daniel arap Moi, the dungeons were a symbol of terror and political oppression in what remains Kenya's darkest age. It's 2013, and Kenyan music collective Just A Band has elected to revisit its nation's violent past in the music video of 'Matatizo', an emotive soul single from the 2012 album, 'Sorry For The Delay'.
Starring Eric Thimba and dedicated to the late Issa Juma, composer of the song, 'Matatizo' spotlights the torture techniques that destroyed many Kenyan men and women in years gone by. Learn more about Nyayo House here and watch the music video below.