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Up and Away
By Ezinne Ukoha

With the holidays finally upon us, the stress quotient for most of us is probably at an all time high. Dealing with family members back to back can be a little overwhelming. Interestingly a recent survey showed that a lot of people are divided about how they would prefer to spend their time during the holidays. Some look forward to quality family time while others yearn for time off spent in an exotic locale with friends or a significant other. 

It so happens that this is the perfect time to plan that much needed getaway. The Caribbean seems to be the place to be during Thanksgiving more so than Christmas due to the amazing deals available. Thanksgiving period is off season for most major Islands in the Caribbean which makes it easier to access those swanky hotels you have only been able to dream about. You can also score excellent mileage outside the country by visiting places like Mexico, Canada and even South America. St. Lucia is always a good idea because of the fact that Jet Blue now has a cheap non-stop flight which makes a huge difference considering how expensive it would be otherwise. And Hurricane season shouldn’t be much of a concern since it dies down towards the end of November so storms are usually a rare occurrence anyway. Just make sure to avoid booking your trip during the peak season which is usually Tuesday and Wednesday before the holiday and Sunday and Monday afterwards.  

Another fun and cost-effective way to plan a vacation would be to take a cruise. Its fun and all inclusive and a great way to visit as many places as possible within a short period of time. If you happen to live nearby or in major ports like Miami and San Diego, then you are really in luck because that takes away the hassle of dealing with air fare and travel to get to the ports. You can also find good deals around Christmas time particularly to the Bahamas.  

So if you need to escape from the holiday madness, take comfort in the options that are readily available especially in an economy that has ultimately forced the travel industry to be at our beck and call. HAPPY TRAVELS.