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By Preeti Singh

Influenza, otherwise known as “The Flu”, has slowly spread its ugly, awful symptoms all over the world. However, without causing unnecessary panic and spending large amounts of money in expensive treatments, carefully implemented home remedies can help prevent the virus from touching you. Our home remedies below range from using the richness of herbs to ancient, curative methods which are effective during the flu season:

  • Build Your Immunity: It is a known fact that any kind of virus will easily attack you if your immunity system is weak. Building your immunity and defenses is the first step to combat the flu effectively and keep it at bay. It is advisable to keep away from people suffering from nasal congestion or colds. In the presence of infected people, covering your nose and mouth by hand or a handkerchief will help safeguarding yourself. Avoid coming in contact with them via handshakes or sharing their food/glasses, as the flu is easily communicable.
  • Washing Your Hands : The Flu easily passes on from one person to another. It is recommended to wash your hands thoroughly with abundant soap and water, many times in the day, to keep away-unwanted bacteria from harming you. Before eating meals, after entering your home from outside or touching any public place, you should wash your hands. It would help to keep hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial soaps nearby to be easily available to all family members. Taking safety precautions like wearing gloves at your place of work, can also keep you safe from illness.
  • From Your Kitchen Shelf:
    1. Eating fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C should be eaten regularly to increase white blood cells and building immunity. Amla (Indian gooseberry) juice will strengthen the body.
    1. Taking few Basil leaves (tulsi) early in the morning will help keep the lungs and throat clear of any infection due to its excellent therapeutic properties.
    2. Crushing  two cloves of fresh garlic into a glass of lukewarm water, taken early in the morning will decrease the growth of the deadly virus, considerably.
    3. Drinking warm milk with a spoon of turmeric (haldi) at night, will help heal all ailments from within the system.
    4. Drinking hot lemon-balm tea twice a day will help fight the virus of the flu.
  • Doing Yoga/ Pranayam regularly: You can do wonders with the blessing of yoga to build up defences against the flu. Going for morning walks, doing the ancient remedy of Pranayama will help open up the throat, nose, and lungs, free from any congestion and virus.
  • Taking steam inhalation: Another good remedy to open up your nasal passages and breathe free is taking steam inhalation , preferably with chamomile or eucalyptus oil, couple of times in a day.

    Keeping safe from harmful viruses like the flu can be done by adopting appropriate measures and home remedies which will eventually strengthen your immunity for life.